Mentor Match Program has concluded for 2021. Check back for information in 2022.

The Mentor Match program matches dramaturgs with professionals (and each other!) for a one-time chat of about an hour. The "chat" could be by email, phone, or in person -- whatever works best. Although there is no guarantee, sometimes these conversations continue past the one-time chat and flower into more enduring mentorships.

For mentors: this is a great opportunity not only to talk about how you got your gig at a regional theater or university or wherever your cool job is, but also to get a sense of the amazing up-and-comers' thoughts and training. As ever, we'd love to expand our definition of mentor: Are you a recent grad willing to mentor current students? A current grad student willing to talk to people looking for grad schools? Freelancers, what should we know about your city? Are you having success applying dramaturgical skills in an arena other than theater? Especially those of you in MFA programs or recent grads – questions about grad school are always among the most popular.

For mentees: please know that your ability to articulate exactly what you're looking to explore right now will greatly enhance our ability to match the right mentor for you. Be as specific as you can be.

Mentors and Mentees should sign up between now and October 31st 2020 to be matched with another dramaturg by January 2021. 


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