Literary and Multimedia Researcher

Opening for a freelance dramaturg/lit manager who has a graduate degree in dramaturgy for a small project that is remote/WFH. Candidate must be located in the US or Canada.

The creator of the science fiction IP ASTRAL FALL needs to ensure that what Tolkien dubbed the “secondary belief” of an indie science fiction project stays intact during any subsequent writing or media/performance adaptation, and is looking for a pro to create early touchstone documents so that she can ensure continuity as the story moves forward. This will require treating the in-world of the first book as an established fictional-historical fact, i.e. “canon.” Her approach is progressive and she welcomes a strong sociological lens and imagination. Basic understanding and acceptance of scientific fact required.


Creator is looking for a dramaturg who is very thorough and a great communicator so that they can join in co-developing the project’s goals and schedule together. Some flexibility can be baked into the schedule. Project begins in October.

Pay rate in consultation with the Editorial Freelancers Association rate guide.

Please send resume and relevant samples and other material for consideration to

Compensation Range: $200-$700 depending on decided scope

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