A Look Back as We Move Forward…Scott Horstein Celebrates LMDA’s Partnership with foolsFURY at FURY Factory 2014

LMDA & foolsFURY Theater in San Francisco are gearing up to partner for the third time in bringing dramaturgs into the work of ensemble companies from around the nation. In anticipation of this June’s FURY Factory, LMDA Regional VP Scott Horstein encapsulates the success of the most recent partnership between LMDA and foolsFURY Theater in San Francisco.

Dramaturg Interviews: Raw Materials/ FURY Factory 2014 (Part Five)

Take a trip down memory lane with the 5th and final article.... Throughout July, 2014, five festival Dramaturgs revealed their conversations with company leaders of Raw Materials Programs, the works-in-progress series of the FURY Factory festival, which performed at San Francisco’s Project Artaud July 6-20, 2014. LMDA in partnership with foolsFURYproduced by LMDA Regional VP’s Nakissa Etemad & Scott Horsteinprovided the festival match between dramaturgs & Raw Materials companies. In addition to these company profiles, Dramaturgs ran talkbacks at their Program’s second performance. For more info on the 2016 FURY Factory festival, tickets, and our current partnership, visit www.foolsfury.org 

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