Bly Creative Capacity Grant Program

Bly Creative Fellowship | 2017 | Bly Creative Capacity Grant


Call for applications – deadline September 15, 2017

GE Lessing Award for Career Achievement

LMDA‘s Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Award is our most prestigious tribute, given for a lifetime of achievement in the field of dramaturgy.

The Award has been conferred upon:  

Morgan Jenness, 2015

DD Kugler, 2011

Mark Bly, 2010

Michael Lupu, 2006

Arthur Ballet, 2002

Anne Cattaneo, 1998

LMDA Residency Program

** This Residency program is currently on hiatus. **


Grant Mission: To foster partnerships between dramaturgs and theater communities that will grow into strong, well-defined, ongoing dramaturgical relationships and positions within the world of theater at large. 


Previous Recipients

2016: Amy Brooks and Fannina Waubert de Puiseau

Dramaturgy-Driven Grants


Conspiracy - a word derived in 1836 from the English conspire.

Conspire, first appearing in 1300, is itself derived from the Latin conspirare, which means "to breathe together."

Dramaturgy-Driven Grant  - Money given to support a plan hatched by a dramaturg.

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