Philadelphia's Azuka Theatre is excited to be joined by dramaturg Sarah Ollove, who will serve as Azuka's first dramaturg-in-residence. As such, Sarah will support the inaugural playwright-in-residence, fellow LMDA member Jacqueline Goldfinger, as she readies her play Skin & Bone for production in a future Azuka season. Sarah will also work with writers discovered via Azuka's Spotlight Reading Series to develop their work and will serve alongside director Allison Heishman as a professional mentor to early career performers and designers in Azuka's New Professionals Production of Hazard County by Allison Moore.

Creede Repertory Theatre will be collaborating with dramaturg Kate Goldstein on their Headwaters New Play Development program. Taking its name from Creede’s location at the headwaters of the Rio Grande, Headwaters is designed to incubate artists and plays that reflect the stories and culture of the Southwest. The regional focus of Headwaters fills a gap that existed for artists working to tell the stories of the west. Given its location and long history of working with professional artists, CRT is in the unique position of being able to produce plays that are responsive to this region of the country. Kate will work to define and solidify the goals of Headwaters, focusing on producing a series of new play readings and workshops to identify new work that could be of future interest to the theatre. She will solicit works from writers within the company, expanding existing relationships while forging connections with other promising writers in the region. Her end goal is to further define the overall direction of the Headwaters program, while locating specific pieces for development and production.


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