Innovation Grant

Beca de Innovación/Innovation Grant

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Leon Katz Award for Teaching & Mentoring

The Leon Katz Award for Teaching & Mentoring, a $1000 yearly award honoring the legacy of Dr. Leon Katz, will recognize an individual’s service to their mentees within the academic and professional fields. To commemorate the long-term, widespread influence Leon had on his students and colleagues, excellence will be measured by the impact mentors have within their communities. Eligible candidates may be, but are not limited to, college/university educators, freelance/resident dramaturgs, literary managers overseeing development programs, activists or literary agents.

Become a Panelist

What is a panelist?  Someone who evaluates grant proposals and takes part in the adjudication of a recipient.                                 Why be a panelist?  

Bly Creative Capacity Grant Program



** We are not currently accepting applications. Stay tuned for updates. **

GE Lessing Award for Career Achievement

LMDA‘s Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Award is our most prestigious tribute, given for a lifetime of achievement in the field of dramaturgy.

The Award has been conferred upon:  

Geoff Proehl, 2016

Morgan Jenness, 2015

DD Kugler, 2011

Mark Bly, 2010

Michael Lupu, 2006

Arthur Ballet, 2002

Anne Cattaneo, 1998

Elliott Hayes Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dramaturgy - application period now open!

Welcome to the 2019 Elliott Hayes Award, from VP of Grants and Awards, Bernardo Mazón Daher!

Application Information

Named in honor of Elliott Hayes, the former dramaturg and literary manager at The Stratford Festival and a dual citizen of Canada and the USA, this award recognizes excellence in dramaturgical work on a specific project over the past two years. Eligible projects may include, but are not limited to, production, season planning and implementation, educational programming, or advocacy for the profession.

ECD Residency Grant

The ECD Residency Grant - DEADLINE EXTENDED!

The Field Grant

Beca del Campo / The Field Grant 

[Traducido por//Translated by\\ Brenda Muñoz]

[English-language version below]

Lo que annualmente se conocía como el Dramaturgy Driven Grant (“Beca de Dramaturgismo”) ha crecido para convertirse en el Field Grant (Beca del Campo de Estudio). Esta beca está destinada a apoyar los proyectos de dirigidos por dramaturgistas para fomentar y ampliar la comprensión del campo del dramaturgismo.

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