Employment Tools

This section of LMDA’s website is dedicated to the “business” end of dramaturgical work. It offers a variety of employment tools for dramaturgs and those who would like to hire them.

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Job Listings

Current complete Job Listings are collected on this page. Those who would like to hire a dramaturg may add a listing, which will be reviewed by LMDA before posting here and circulating a summary to the LMDA listserv.

Find a Dramaturg

Find a Dramaturg accesses the database of LMDA members. It can be searched by name, location, affinity, specialty, and keyword to turn up matching profiles and secure contact options.

Employment Tools Panel with ATHE and LMDA

Video Recording of May 1, 2022 joint ATHE-LMDA panel on Employment Tools with Noe Montez (ATHE) and Ken Cerniglia (LMDA)

Employment Guidelines

The Employment Guidelines is a comprehensive document for many types of dramaturgical work and is intended to help employers and employees come to agreements about effective scope of work and fair compensation. Revised Employment Guidelines are expected in Spring 2022.

Sample Contracts

Sample Contracts offer both annotated pdfs and Word templates for a variety of agreements for dramaturgical work and are intended to offer foundational structure in line with latest best practices in the field. Revised Sample Contracts are expected by in Spring 2022.

Pricing Your Services

Pricing Your Services outlines compensation considerations and offers a Dramaturgy Market Rate (DMR) calculator to get you started.

Negotiation Checklist

The Negotiation Checklist offers “confident spine/generous spirit” strategies for before, during, and after your job interview or compensation conversation.

Intern Bill of Rights

The Intern Bill of Rights should be consulted by anyone offering or considering an internship in dramaturgy or literary management.

UK Dramaturgs' Contract Package

LMDA is proud to endorse the UK Dramaturgs' Network's Dramaturgs' Contract Package, which went live on June 21, 2021. Their plan is to encourage widespread use and feedback during the subsequent six months then create and release a revised package in February 2022.

This Package was inspired by LMDA's own Employment Guidelines and Sample Contracts, which are currently being revised per advancements made by our overseas cousins, with roll-out targeted for Fall 2021. While labor laws, union arrangements, and theatre industries differ among countries, there is much overlap in the work itself and strategies to advocate for and advance the field, locally and globally.

Report on Dramaturgy Internships

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