NPX Recommend-a-thon: March 2024

NPX Recommend-a-thon: March 2024

On March 21, 2024 a group of LMDA members met for the third quarterly NPX Recommend-a-Thon. Attendees included organizers Karen Jean Martinson and Dan Smith, along with Martha Wade Steketee, Giuliana Marchese, Rory Willats, Claire Dettloff, Dane Futrell, James Noonan, and a few others.

NPX Recommend-a-thon

Puentes: (conversaciones sobre) el dramaturgismo en México

The International Dramaturgy Lab

"Case study and conversation" conference call series

This program is paused during COVID. However, check out our unique COVID bi-weekly online discussion: Dramaturging the Phoenix!

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