The International Dramaturgy Lab

The International Dramaturgy Lab (IDL) is an exciting experimental initiative developed in collaboration between an international array of dramaturgical organizations and networks, including The Dramaturgs’ Network UK; Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA) USA, Canada, and Mexico; The Fence International Network; STOD Finland; and the Danish Dramaturg Network.

The aim is to connect dramaturgs, directors, theatre makers, and thinkers around the topic:

What does it mean to work dramaturgically
across borders?

This project will culminate at the LMDA conference in Mexico City 2021.

Please note that this is a pilot scheme and has no funding attached to it.

Is IDL for Me?

The IDL is an opportunity to connect across borders; it aims to facilitate the sharing and exchange of dramaturgical ideas, practices, and thinking between people undertaking dramaturgical work, in all its forms.

It is for you who are interested in international discussions, who want to experiment with and explore ideas, whether practical, artistic or intellectual. It’s a continuous professional development project so it’s all about you developing your ideas, your network, and yourself as a practitioner.

We hope that you will:

  • Feel more connected with fellow practitioners in other countries.
  • Explore ideas in depth with peers.
  • Test out prototypes for future projects that can have a life after the IDL lab.


We operate under the principle of radical inclusivity and seek to make this process as barrier-free as possible.

While there is no dedicated funding for disabled access support, the IDL will work with participants to support any particular access needs and is committed to finding ways to enable full participation.

We will also provide translations of the documents in all the platforms official languages: English, French, Spanish, Finnish, Norweigian, Danish and Swedish.

More project guidelines and info can be found here.

Application Process/ Call for Proposals

The IDL invites proposals from participants who wish to engage in dramaturgically-focused projects or initiatives that would benefit from international collaboration and exchange. The potential scope is wide:

  • individual projects can be focused on developing a particular dramaturgical practice or art-form through practice or discussion.
  • it can be aimed at experimenting with the development of new dramaturgical forms or practices, prototyping new models, ideating futures.
  • projects can be centered on facilitating opportunities for professional development, conversation and exchange, collaboration and/or skill sharing.
  • projects can be purely intellectual, academic and ideas based through dialogue and writing.

Applicants are invited to propose any number of project ideas, but projects should be rooted in dramaturgical thought and/or practice.

You can apply with or without a project idea. If you would like to propose a project idea, please do so during Stage 1 of the application process. If you do not choose to share an idea, you will have a chance to review projects to join and share preferences in Stage 2.

2 Stage Application Process

Stage 1

Applicants submit the online application form by October 9

Once the call closes, The IDL steering group will collate all the applications and proposals, participant profiles and make a list available for participants.

Please note that at this stage, the steering working group might have to consolidate ideas and proposals if there is overlap.

Stage 2

Participants will indicate their first and second preference on a second online form by October 23.

After this date, the steering committee will endeavour to put together project teams based on the below criteria and the participants preferences.

  • projects will have participants based in at least 2 different countries and across 2 different partner networks/LMDA regions.
  • each project can have 2-5 participants.

As soon as we have announced the project teams, each team is responsible for managing their communication, setting meeting dates and discussing how to progress.

Apply for the IDL

What is the commitment?

  • each group is to be self-managed, and is to adhere to the principles outlined in the IDL’s code of conduct and guidelines.
  • each project will meet for a minimum of 4 times online before June 2021.
  • participants agree to attend and report back on their progression at the midpoint gathering in February 2021.
  • the team commits to documenting their process within their team and also to prepare documentation to share with the public and peers.
    • project output: a presentation in the form of a video, blog or project notebook to share with other participants and partner organisations for the LMDA conference 2021.
  • participants commit to give feedback to LMDA and DN for the purpose of evaluating the project for the future.

The workload and commitment is as big or small as you choose.


  • September/October 2020 Project starts - your team set your own timetable to suit your time zones and schedules.
  • February 2021 - Midpoint gathering online.
  • June 2021 - Present work either digitally, live or through a written report at the LMDA conference in Mexico City.
  • July 2021 Evaluation completion.

We wish to thank the following people for their support in getting this project up and running:

  • Sonya Lindfors, Artistic Director URBANAPA
  • Martine Kei-Green, Past President, LMDA
  • Mark Fossen, Technical Consultant, LMDA 
  • David Slättne

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