On January 22, 1729, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing – the world’s first dramaturg -- was born. Every year, to celebrate his birthday, LMDA holds a big fundraiser to fund our annual travel grants to help early career dramaturgs attend the LMDA international conference.


Interested in helping? There are a couple of ways to do so:

- The Lessing Memorial Bake Sale

Raise money in your local community through a bake sale or other event (People have sold crafts, other homemade food items like hot fudge, and we’re always open to new ideas). A bake sale can sound small – but the combined fundraising power is huge! Dramaturgs have usually been able to raise anywhere from $50 to $125 a piece through one-day sales at their theatres, schools, or workplaces. This is a great way to support the organization with little to no out-of-pocket cost. Megan Monaghan Rivas' students at CMU held a really successful bake sale last year that raised over $100

Let me know if you want to hold an event in your area. I've attached a poster template, and will add files to the group that include an e-blast template and a sheet with some tips and tricks that we created with dramaturg/bake sale genius Molly FitzMaurice

- The 32 for 32 campaign

Many people have asked in the past “Can I just give money if I don’t want to bake?” Of course you can! Two years ago, Brian Quirt started the $30 for 30 campaign to celebrate LMDA’s 30th anniversary -- and this year we're suggesting donations of either $32 for LMDA's 32 years or $16 if that fits your budget better -- every gift is meaningful. We encourage you to make a gift to the organization in honor of a mentor who shaped your career as a dramaturg.


If you have further questions, or are interesting in participating, e-mail VP Activities Charles Haugland at programs@lmda.org.


2017 recipients

Vivian Chace

Andrea Kovich


2016 recipients

Jolene Noelle

Gabriella Steinberg

Fly Steffens

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