Meet the New Executive Committee

Every two years, LMDA Members vote on an Executive Committee to support the Incoming President. These positions also sit on the larger LMDA Board which handles overall strategy and budget decisions for the organization. They are called Vice Presidents of [insert their specialty here]. 

Most of our Executive Committee Members (our VPs) began their volunteer journey with LMDA as Committee Members working with a VP. 

Check out the new VPs below and reach out if you are interested in volunteering or have a question/idea about their purview of LMDA.

Alphabetical By Last Name

Jane Barnette, Vice President of University Relations

Greetings, all! It’s a privilege to be part of this team, and to help represent the labor of university-affiliated dramaturgs in the Americas. This year, we will be using an asynchronous digital platform to collaboratively construct flexible yet meaningful guidelines for how university-based dramaturgs can narrate their creative practice–if you would like to be part of that effort, or you have input or questions, please reach out to me at // You can find/follow me on Twitter (atldramaturg), Instagram &/or Facebook (janebarnette)! 

Lindsey R. Barr (she/her), Executive Director

I’m so excited to continue to serve LMDA and its membership alongside the incoming Executive Committee. If you have any questions about LMDA, need more information about a program, or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at

Emma Bilderback (she/her), Co-Vice President of Anti-Oppression

I'm thrilled to join LMDA in a more official capacity by continuing to create a better artistic practice for all of us who make this process not just possible, but amazing. Find me on Twitter and Instagram as @EmmaDramaturgy or email me at

Elizabeth Coen (she/her), Co-Vice President of Publications

It is a privilege to showcase dynamic artistry and scholarship performed by dramaturgs in LMDA’s annual peer-reviewed journal REVIEW. Please consider sharing your work with us.The submission deadline is typically February and the journal is published every fall. Questions? Please reach out to me at

Russell M. Dembin (he/him), Co-Vice President of Anti-Oppression

I’m delighted and honored to work with Martine, Emma, and the other members of this amazing Executive Committee on facilitating and supporting LMDA’s ongoing efforts to make the organization, and all spaces that include or interact with the dramaturgical community, as welcoming and accessible as they can be. You can get in touch with me on Twitter (@Dramaturgs) or via email at

Suzi Elnaggar, Vice President of Communications

Hello! I'm thrilled to apply my extensive experience in the non-profit and education sectors, where I've developed strong communication, social media, and graphic design skills. I aim to foster connections among LMDA members and the community by keeping everyone updated on our news and activities. Please reach me at!

Heather Helinsky, Co-Vice President of Membership

After four years getting to know the LMDA community better as co-VP of Freelance, I’m excited to serve the wider community in this capacity with Evan Medd. I will continue to work with Deanie Vallone on a project to check in on Institutional dramaturgs on the stressful rollercoaster of producing through Covid, and will continue to collaborate with Team Dramaturging the Phoenix in the fall on Forums that create spaces for members from a wide range of dramaturgical fields, backgrounds, and career stages. Looking forward to listening to what the LMDA community has to say and how we can better serve you in all chapters of your professional life. Always feel free to reach out at!

Jessica Kahkoska (she/her), Vice President of Programs

I'm excited to collaborate with Linnea to bolster existing LMDA programming and imagine new ways for members to connect, with a focus on sustainability and how LMDA programs can be a source of nourishment and thought partnership. Email me at, or instagram jkos13

Kristin Leahey, Co-Vice President of Publications

Hello! I’m excited to continue to collaborate with my co-editors on the publication of LMDA’s official journal REVIEW. We look forward to your submissions and the publication of our next issue this fall!

Finn Lefevre, Co-Vice President of Freelance


Matt McGeachy, President, LMDA Canada


I’m thrilled to be representing LMDA Canada and my Canadian colleagues on the LMDA Executive Committee. We are all excited to welcome dramaturgs from across Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and beyond to Banff for the 2023 Conference. The best way to get in touch with me about the Conference or about anything Canada theatre related is

Karen Jean Martinson, Vice President of Advocacy


I love being in a position to advocate for the various needs of our members! Of particular interest to me this year is to raise the visibility of innovative dramaturgical collaborations and to support mentorships and programming that help our field thrive, especially as students move from the university to the profession. Most of all, though, I want to be responsive to YOUR needs - never hesitate to reach out with any ideas, questions, or concerns!

Anne G. Morgan (she/her), LMDA Board Co-Chair

As wonky as it may sound, I'm excited to continue exploring how LMDA's governance and fiscal policies can both empower the ambitions of this President and Executive Committee and lay a solid foundation for the work of Presidents to come. Email:

Brenda Muñoz, Vice President of Mexico

Tanya Palmer, Treasurer

Roxanne Ray, Vice President of Grants & Awards

Hi everyone! I really love to see artists receiving money to bring their projects to fruition. I’m looking forward to your submissions for the Grants & Awards available in the coming year, and our adjudication panels always need new volunteers. The time commitment for adjudicators is brief, so please reach out and volunteer! You can reach me at Thank you so much!

Jenna Rodgers (she/her), LMDA Board Co-Chair/2023 Conference Co-Chair

I'm excited to be modeling co-leadership as a sustainable option everywhere - but particularly for a volunteer run organization. My objective is to support the Presidency in their creative vision for the organization, and to keep a mindful eye on the big picture along the way. Email:

Martine Kei Green Rogers (she/her/hers), Co-Vice President of Anti-Oppression

Hello, everyone! I am super excited to continue my service to LMDA in this position. With my other team members, Russ and Emma, we look forward to continuing education, conversation, and action around Anti-Oppression in our field and the larger theatre scene. You can find me at or on Insta and Twitter @martinekei. 

I am a little slower with emails at my gmail account these days because of my new position at DePaul but I will return your email as soon as I can. 

Lynde Rosario (she/her), President

It is an honor to serve LMDA as President for the next two years! The dramaturgs here who have graciously agreed to support LMDA as the Executive Committee and Board are giving me confidence in a robust future for our field. Collectively we have made strides towards advancing best practices and expanding the definitions of dramaturgy. Accessibility, international relations, and collective protections are top priorities and all efforts will be made to increase connectivity among members. Always feel free to contact me at anytime!

Executive Committee By Title

President: Lynde Rosario, Playwrights' Center

Executive Director: Lindsey R. Barr, University of Maryland, College Park

Treasurer: Tanya Palmer, Northwestern University

VP Advocacy: Karen Jean Martinson, Arizona State University

VP Canada: Matt McGeachy, Factory Theatre Company

VP Mexico: Brenda Muñoz

VP Membership: Heather Helinsky, Bay Area Playwrights Festival

VP Communications: Suzi Elnaggar

VP Anti-Oppression: Emma Bilderback, Russell M. Dembin; Martine Kei Green-Rogers, The Theatre School at DePaul

VP Freelance: Vacant

VP Grants & Awards: Roxanne Ray

VP Institutions: Jenna Clark Embrey, Lincoln Center Theatre

VP Publications: Liz Coen, University of Houston & Kristin Leahey, Boston University 

VP Programs: Jessica Kahkoska, Linnea Valdivia

VP Regional Activity: Liana Irvine

VP University Relations: Jane Barnette, University of Kansas

Past President: Bryan Moore, Concordia University

Board of Directors

Co-Chair: Anne G. Morgan, National New Play Network

Co-Chair: Jenna K. Rodgers, Chromatic Theatre

Ken Cerniglia

Michael Chemers, University of California at Santa Cruz

David Geary, Playwright's Theatre Centre

Vicki Stroich, Caravan Farm Theatre

Arminda Thomas

Ariane van Buren

Gavin Witt

Advisory Board

Oskar Eustis, The Public Theatre

Gregg Henry, Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival

David Henry Hwang, Playwright

Morgan Jenness, This Distracted Globe Consultancy 

Jackie Maxwell, Shaw Festival

Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

Silvia Peláez, Playwright

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