Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas has advocated for dramaturgy in theatre and the performing arts for more than 30 years. Through programs, awards, international conferences, networking and much more, LMDA establishes best practices in our field, affirms the role of the dramaturg in theatrical creation, and serves a global community of collaborative innovators devoted to dramaturgical inquiry and leadership.

LMDA’s Board of Directors is committed to supporting and sustaining the organization’s invaluable contribution to the theatrical landscape. With that goal in mind, we have created The Lessing Circle (TLC).

We acknowledge and thank the generous inaugural patrons whose generous contributions have launched The Lessing Circle in 2017:

Beth Blickers (2017, member since 2007)

Mark Bly (2017, member since 1985)

Ken Cerniglia (2017, member since 1999)

Liz Engelman (2017, member since 1992)

Martine Kei Green-Rogers (2017, member since 2011)

Nichole Gantshar (2017, member since 1991)

Jayme Koszyn (2017, member since 1988)

DD Kugler (2018, member since 2007)

Shelley Orr (2017, member since 2002)

Geoff Proehl (2017, member since 1990)

Brian Quirt (2017, member since 1993)

Cindy M. SoRelle (2017, member since 1997)

Sarah Garton Stanley (2017, member since 2006)

Paul Walsh (2017, member since 1990)

We celebrate their time, energy and financial support to this organization. Together we can ensure that LMDA will continue to enrich the performing arts for decades to come.


The Lessing Circle is designed to:

  • establish a corps of individuals to invest in LMDA’s legacy;
  • enhance LMDA’s capacity to advocate for the practice of dramaturgy;
  • generate funds to sponsor prominent and progressive programming of impact; and
  • ensure that LMDA will continue to expand the vision of what dramaturgy is and can be. 


Each year, $5,000 of TLC funds will support a high-profile LMDA event or activity that impacts the field and elicits prominent exposure for the organization. Remaining TLC contributions will be directed toward a reserve fund that will guarantee LMDA’s financial stability and facilitate industry-leading programming long into the future.

We invite you to become a patron of The Lessing Circle by making a one-time donation of $2,500 – or by pledging $500 per year (or $40 per month) over five years. TLC members will be fully acknowledged on LMDA’s website and at all LCP events and activities.

If you’re interested in accepting this invitation to join The Lessing Circle, please contact Danielle Carroll, LMDA Administrative Director to make arrangements. Thank you!



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