The LMDA Dramaturgy Bibliography is a comprehensive listing of English-language articles, essays, and books on dramaturgy, production dramaturgy, literary management, and new play development.

In this bibliography you will find citations for articles, essays, and books on the following topics:

Section I: Dramaturgy, Production Dramaturgy, Adaptation, Translation, New Media, Pedagogy

Section II: New Play and Devising Dramaturgy

Section III: Dramaturgy of Dance and Movement

Section IV: Dramaturgy of Text and Performance

Section V: Dramaturgy Beyond the Stage

Section VI: Dramaturgy - General Resources

Section VII: Dramaturgy Resources in Digital Media: Websites, Blogs, Podcasts, Twitter, Streaming - A Beginning

Section VIII: Resources in Languages Other Than English - A Beginning

This bibliography is a project of the University Caucus of Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas. To correct or add a citation, contact the editors.

This bibliography owes much to earlier bibliographies by Proehl, Rosemarie Bank (1983) Laurence Shyer (1978), both cited below. Thanks as well to many members of Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas who suggested titles for inclusion here.

LMDA Dramaturgy Bibliography

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