Applications Now Closed for 2021

The Dramaturgy Microgrant Project

The Dramaturgy Microgrant Project exists to support freelance and institutional dramaturgs, literary staff, and all who identify their work as committing acts of dramaturgy who are un- or under-employed during this period of crisis in the theater. 

This project came about because we see a need: we see literary and artistic staff members being furloughed or laid off; we see freelance contracts being canceled. But we recognize that this is not new to this year—this is part of a theatre culture that perpetually undervalues dramaturgs and literary staff. We recognize that this dynamic is felt particularly by dramaturgs from historically marginalized groups: dramaturgs of color; queer, trans, and non-binary dramaturgs; and women.


Applicants should reside in the US, Canada, or Mexico, and have demonstrated experience in and commitment to the field of dramaturgy and/or literary management.


  • Microgrant donations accepted from 9/3 to 9/20 - EXTENDED from 9/17!
  • Applications open 9/3
  • Applications close 9/17
  • Grantees notified by 9/30

Applications will be reviewed to ensure the applicant has some experience in and commitment to the field of dramaturgy and/or literary management. Eligible applicants will be placed in a pool and randomly selected until allocated funds have been spent. 

Support the Project

Our plan is to leverage generous donations to create microgrants—dispersed via lottery—to directly support out-of-work and underemployed dramaturgs to pay essential bills during this unprecedented shutdown. A generous donor has committed to matching up to $2,000 in crowdfunded donations to the project. If you have ever benefited from the help of a dramaturg, and have the means to support this initiative, we encourage you to please donate here.


If you have any questions, please contact us at

Project Team


  • Kris Karcher
  • Ramona Rose King
  • Kelly Miller
  • Tanya Palmer

Working Committee:

  • Lindsey R. Barr
  • Ken Cerniglia
  • Amanda Dawson
  • Mark Fossen
  • Martine Green-Rogers
  • Heather Helinsky
  • Dani Joseph
  • Finn Lefevre
  • Bryan Moore
  • Anne G. Morgan
  • Brenda Munoz
  • Roxanne Ray
  • Jenna Rodgers
  • Lynde Rosario
  • Phaedra Scott
  • Brian Quirt

Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas was founded in 1985 as the volunteer membership organization for the professions of literary management and dramaturgy. LMDA is a not-for-profit tax-exempt organization with members throughout North America and abroad.

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