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We represent Canadian LMDA members at a regional and executive level. We promote the development of practical and innovative approaches to dramaturgy across Canada, encouraging dialogue and camaraderie across our extensive national network of artists.

LMDA Canada Board of Directors

President: Laurel Green, Freelance Dramaturg & Director (Calgary)

Treasurer: Matt McGeachy, Factory Theatre (Toronto)

Secretary: Catherine Ballachey, Great Canadian Theatre Company (Ottawa)

Regional Rep - Canada: Marie Leofeli R. Barlizo, playwright and freelance dramaturg (Montreal) 

Member at Large: Marie Barlizo, Black Theatre Workshop (Montreal)

Member at Large: David Geary, Hardline Productions (Vancouver)

Past President: Richard Wolfe, Pi Theatre (Vancouver)


Information about events and activities:

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Mailing Address:

LMDA Canada

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PHOTO: LMDA Canada members play four square at the Denver 2011 conference


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