The International Dramaturgy Lab is a pilot project, a dramaturgical experiment.

This pilot version of the IDL has no funding attached to it. Participation should be based on an interest to connect with colleagues around the world, dramaturgical exploration and a commitment to sharing learnings. The workload and commitment is as big or small as you choose.

IDL steering group

The IDL steering group consists of volunteer members from all of the participating networks. Between us we will steer this experimental project towards its conclusion at Mexico City in 2021. The IDL steering group troubleshoot with you, aim to respond to issues and questions, and keep in contact at regular intervals.

The IDL steering group will help facilitate and broker the project team formation along in a two -step process: participant applications and then participants submitting preferences of which project to join or whom to collaborate with.

The IDL steering group will ensure that all teams have participants from at least two different countries and networks, a project language and between 2-5 participants.

The IDL steering group will organise a midpoint gathering in February 2021.

We will liaise with the LMDA conference committee about presenting the project reports as asynchronous materials at the conference as well as creating other ways of sharing what we have learnt during the project and some specific case studies.

Project management

Self-managing - We are asking each group to be as self-managing as possible. This is about your ideas, conversations and connections. We ask you to meet virtually at least 4 times leading up to the LMDA conference in June 2021.

The IDL steering group is here to support the individual project teams.

Extra skills / Additional artists - if your team needs extra skills at some point during the process you can reach out to the wider IDL community. Alternatively, if you have an artist in mind who can help you, you can bring them in. Please bear in mind that the IDL project can not pay for people’s time so you as a team will be responsible to make this clear to external artists.

If you find that you have to leave the group for one reason or another, all we ask is that you inform the IDL steering group and your own project team. We also ask that you participate in the documentation process by writing a short report with reflections on the overall project, your own participation and what learnings you take away from the experience about online collaboration.

If the group’s work fizzles out but you are keen - It is bound to happen that some groups might not achieve momentum, energy and commitment. If this happens to your group and you want to join another, the IDL steering group will work with you to find another group to join depending on where in the project timeline we are.

If you aimed to do something practical but it doesn’t quite happen in the project team - There is no right or wrong with how the project proceeds, what is generated and how it ends. As long as you are all engaged and interested in the ideas. This project might afford you a space to talk about doing, set something up for the future, be inspired by other peoples ideas for your own practice. All we ask is that you reflect this in your documentation, what you took away from it, and what might be needed in order to realise the practical project you were envisioning

All reflections on how a project like this can be made to suit your needs better will be gathered in the evaluation of the project, so please keep notes about other ways of running the project, improvements and suggestions.


We operate under the principle of radical inclusivity and seek to make this process as barrier-free as possible.

While there is no dedicated funding for disabled access support, the IDL will work with participants to support any particular access needs and is committed to finding ways to enable full participation.

We will also provide translations of the documents in all the platforms official languages: English, French, Spanish, Finnish, Norweigian, Danish and Swedish.


Each project team will report back to the full project team at the midpoint gathering in February 2021. We will decide how this report can best happen when we know how many projects we have.

We encourage creative ways of documenting the progress of the project throughout the year. The documentation can take the form of a blog, a video, an audio, visuals or any other creative appropriate form that we can share via a web page. There is no need to produce something finished in the form of an artwork. The project teamwork is about the process, sharing of skills and ideas and mutual cooperation.

All the projects will be presented as part of the asynchronous platform presentation at the LMDA 2021 conference. The overall IDL project and learning points will be presented in a dedicated session at the conference, together with a number of case study projects.

In addition, we will ask each group to document and reflect on the development of the project throughout the year at the end as part of the overall project evaluation. This documentation will form the bulk of the legacy and potential future of this project.

In addition, we will ask each individual participant to provide feedback at the end of the project on their experience.


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