Hot Topics and Dramaturgy Debut Panel Application

LMDA Hot Topics and Dramaturgy Debut Panel speakers present a provocative question, assertion, issue, or project with which they are currently (passionately) engaged to initiate conversations and collaborations, or to address pressing issues for our community. 

Speakers have just five minutes each to open a door onto their topic. The strict time limit allows for multiple presentations and follow-up conversations. It also requires careful preparation. At four minutes, the convener will give the presenter a one-minute warning; at five minutes, the presenter will be gently, but firmly, yanked off of the stage.

Proposals are welcome from both LMDA Members and Non-Members!

LMDA Hot Topics Panel

Chaired by Jane Barnette, LMDA VP of University Relations

Due Date: April 12, by 11:59 PM Central 

Attention, intrepid dramaturgs! The call for  Hot Topics is about to launch; due date will be April 1 (no foolin')!

Because the time limit is so strict (5 minutes maximum), we believe "less is more" for this event. Therefore, the only A/V planned is to project the agenda (order of speakers).

Contact Jane Barnette at

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LMDA Dramaturgy Debut Panel

Chaired by Shelley Graham, LMDA Advocacy Committee

Co-Organizers and Respondents, Jane Barnette, VP of University Relations;Karen Jean Martinson, VP of Advocacy; Suzi Elnaggar, VP of Communications

Due Date: Monday, April 1, by 11:59 PM Central 

Calling all emerging dramaturgs! The call for presenters for our first-ever in-person Dramaturgy Debut Panel is about to launch! Eligible participants include first-time conference attendees, undergraduate, and graduate students.

We seek proposals for the Dramaturgy Debut Panel session to take place in-person at the 2024 LMDA Conference in KC, MO, on June 28, 2024. You must be available to attend the conference for your proposal to be selected. 

Because the time limit is so strict (5 minutes maximum), we believe "less is more" for this event. Therefore, each presenter will be allowed one single slide (optional) that may be projected during your presentation.

Questions and a discussion will follow the presentations. 

If you participated in the Digital Debut Panel, you are still invited to present as part of the in-person conference panel!

Contact Shelley Graham at

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