Region Info: Rockies

The LMDA Rockies Region includes Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. Some of the larger theatres in this region include: Pioneer Theatre Company, Utah Shakespeare Festival, and the Denver Center. Dramaturgically, it is difficult to pin our events (and us, for that matter) down. Our employment comes from the numerous summer theatre festivals that have made homes in these states as well as the resident theatres that are spread around this beautiful part of the country. In addition, we have the inspiration (and the drive) to come up with events at the spur of the moment. So, if you are new to this area, driving through this area, or have made this area your home – visit our LMDA Facebook page and find our next event or join our conversations.

Regional VP:

Heidi Schmidt

Information about events and activities

LMDA Rockies Region Facebook Group

States Covered:

Colorado, Utah, Wyoming

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