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Kristina Bylancik

Organization affiliation:

Carnegie Mellon University

Location: Verona, NJ

Carnegie Mellon University


I am a dramaturg in my third year at Carnegie Mellon University in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Dramaturgy Program. Outside of Carnegie Mellon, I have worked primarily with new work, completing internships with The CRY HAVOC Company and Theatre 167, both based in New York, and PearlDamour, based between New York and New Orleans. Most recently, I have served as a script reader for the Great Plains Theatre Conference. I am drawn to works of theater that experiment with the way that we tell stories, and I am constantly seeking points of inspiration to broaden and enrich my world.

Areas of Expertise:

New work, period pieces

Languages Spoken:

English, some Spanish

Recent Work:

Reader for the Great Plains Theatre Conference, Apprentice at The CRY HAVOC Company, Literary Assistant at Theatre 167, Intern at PearlDamour

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