Catherine Rodriguez Receives 2014 Dramaturg Driven Grant

The Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA) is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2014 Dramaturg Driven Grant: Catherine Rodriguez.  This round of grants saw ten applications and the selection process was overseen by LMDA’s Vice-President of Programs, Stephen Colella, along with committee members Emma Mackenzie Hillier, Jules Odendahl-James and Bob White

Catherine Rodriguez is expanding the Dramaturgy Open Office Hours Project to the Baltimore and Washington DC area.  The Dramaturgy Open Office Hours Project provides resources to playwrights, actors, directors, devisers, and any other theater artists who feel they could benefit from speaking with a dramaturg. Artists are encouraged to stop by with questions about development processes, project brainstorming, script submission, research, play structure, text analysis, theatrical canons; for grant/fellowship proposal editing or proofreading; or simply to discuss their work with some interested colleagues. The Project is framed as an opportunity to network, inquire, and engage.

Every Wednesday for a three-hour block of time, two dramaturgs make themselves available at a local coffee shop. In order to ensure diversity of perspectives, a different special guest dramaturg accompanies Catherine each week. For more information about upcoming or past sessions, visit the Dramaturgy Open Office Hours Project blog,Facebook page, and Twitter feed (#opendramaturgy).

The Baltimore/DC branch is part of the larger Dramaturgy Open Office Hours Project (which takes place simultaneously in New York City and Philadelphia, led by project founder Jeremy N. Stoller and Amy E. Freeman, respectively) and alternates between Baltimore/DC.

For more information about any of these projects or about the Dramaturg Driven Grants, contact LMDA's Vice President of Programs Stephen Colella or Administrative Director Danielle Carroll.

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