Playwriting Residency, University of Mississippi

Oxford, MI


      The Sarah Isom Center for Women and Gender Studies and the Department of
Theatre and Film at the University of Mississippi, in partnership with the
Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, seek an emerging, unpublished woman playwright
(transgender inclusive) for a 20 day summer residency in Oxford, Mississippi.
   Participation in the residency does not require the completion of a work 
is designed to provide support to advance the creation, production, and
presentation of theatrical works by women writers. Our goal is to create an
immersive opportunity that provides experiences, connections, and exposure
for both the artist and the community to the creative process. We aim to
create support for female voices in theatre and aid in the development or
creation of new work that may be a play, monologue, devised performance or
experimental theatrical work.
        For the 20 day summer residency, we will provide a stipend of $4,000,
housing, local transportation and some meals. In addition, the successful
applicant will be expected to take advantage of the opportunity to have
immersive experiences within the Oxford community provided by the residency
        Oxford and the surrounding region features cultural, culinary and music
resources including Rowan Oak, the home of William Faulkner, the Southern
Foodways Alliance, the University of Mississippi’s Blues Archives, as well
as the rich, cultural communities of Clarksdale, Greenwood, Water Valley, and
Holly Springs.
        The Resident’s work need not reflect, be based on, or cover topics related
to the South. However, the selected artist will be encouraged to utilize the
resources of the Oxford community in their creative process and to foster
engagement that will help build support for this residency and women
        After completion of the residency in Oxford, we expect the artist to partner
(off-site) with students, faculty and community members through the following
academic year. These local contributors will offer dramaturgical support in
preparation for a production/presentation of the Resident’s work, in
Oxford, the following summer or fall. A stipend, travel and housing will be
provided for the Resident’s return to Oxford for the presentation of the
        There is no fee for application. The deadline for submitting an application
is March 1, 2019. Please send:
Resume or CV with a list of references.
Writing sample, does not need to be a completed work but should be
appropriate for theatrical presentation, sample may take the form of an
outline, a scene, character study, treatment, concept, etc., whatever you
feel best represents you as a artist.
A letter of application in which you tell us about yourself, your artistic
goals in general and for this residency, and why you would like to spend time
in Oxford.
Please submit any questions and your application to:

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