Artistic/Executive Director, Woodford Theatre

Versaille, KY

The Artistic Director/Executive Director (AD/ED) is the head of staff and ultimately responsible for ensuring that all components of the business are operating effectively and in accordance with the organization’s mission, values and culture.

The AD/ED is responsible for the overall artistic identity and vision for the organization. As the public face of the business, the AD/ED represents the theatre to artists, patrons, sponsors and the community. He/she should be an attractive force—one whose quality of work attracts actors and artists to participate in shows, sponsors and grantors to financially support the shows and patrons to see the shows.

The AD/ED should be an experienced and proven stage director, actor, and/or artist whose skills and creativity attract top talent. The artistic sensibility and attitude should also be compatible with our “community theatre” business, meaning they enjoy working with volunteers and have ability, willingness and patience to teach acting techniques to a variety of different ages and skill levels.


REPORTING TO THE BOARD - The AD/ED is responsible for informing the Board of Directors of the needs and status of the business; for providing financial, administrative and production reports at each monthly Board meeting and; for responding to Board requests for information or recommendations regarding any aspect of the business.

CREATING AN OVERALL OPERATING BUDGET - The AD/ED is responsible for working with the Executive Committee and the Finance Committee in submitting an annual operating budget to the Board of Directors for their approval and for monitoring compliance. This inclusive budget projects anticipated expenses and income for each fiscal year considering every aspect of the business—including, but not limited to: theatrical productions, human resources, administration, education and facilities maintenance.

MANAGING THE STAFF- The AD/ED is responsible for determining the staffing needs of the business; for acquiring and/or dismissing personnel as necessary; for determining and ensuring that each staff member is fulfilling their requirements; for resolving any conflicts and; for recommending appropriate compensation. Because the hours of operation vary greatly with production cycles, theatre rentals, requests by outside groups and any special events, the AD/ED must determine and adjust the staff’s working hours, monitor time sheets and determine appropriate time off. As head of staff, the AD/ED is responsible for compliance with all laws governing human resources management and for addressing any violations.

REPRESENTING THE ORGANIZATION - The AD/ED represents the theatre to our local government, appearing before both the City Council and Fiscal Court to request funding, renew lease agreements and/or provide information and updates. The AD/ED is responsible for representing the theatre at public functions and forums within our community as well as regionally, including, but not limited to, Kentucky Arts Council functions, UK Non-Profit Network functions and other events that promote planning and networking for arts organizations.

MANAGING THE FACILITY - The AD/ED is responsible for; ensuring good relations and communication with Parks and Recreation and the Fiscal Court as a tenant of the Falling Springs Arts and Recreation Center. Also, for managing the use of the theatre by outside groups; for determining available dates for rentals, and for addressing any facility maintenance needs or adjustments that involve the cooperation of Parks and Recreation or the Fiscal Court.

PRODUCING PLAYS. The AD/ED will produce all the shows in the season. The producer is responsible for managing all the resources - both labor and materials - to make the production successful. This includes hiring all guest directors, designers and production crew; creating and managing a production budget; determining promotional and publicity efforts; conducting weekly meetings to address the show’s specific needs and to ensure the production stays on schedule; and managing all lines of communication so to manifest the director’s vision. The AD/ED is ultimately responsible for quality assurance.

SETTING THE SEASON. The AD/ED is responsible for selecting the plays that make up the season of shows. This involves clarity of and compatibility with our organization’s identity and goals. Because an understanding of the production requirements for each show is critical to creating a manageable sequence, a broad knowledge of theatrical stage plays is essential.

SPECIAL EVENTS. The AD/ED is responsible for special recognition events each year including the Sponsor reception.

FUNDRAISING. The AD/ED is responsible for overseeing all grant applications. It is expected that the AD/ED along with the Board of Directors, will develop relationships with current and prospective sponsors and will secure commitments for financial support.

CREATING THE PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS. While it is not necessary for the AD/ED to be a graphic artist, the appearance of all promotional materials should reflect the creativity and artistic identity of the business. Therefore, the AD/ED should be involved in establishing the design of promotional materials and assistance with branding the business.

DEVELOPING VOLUNTEERS. Because the organization values the participation of the community, the AD/ED is responsible for; ensuring that volunteer opportunities are offered, planned, communicated with the public and considered in the management of the productions.

EDUCATION AND SKILLS REQUIRED: Five years experience in management/artistic leadership of a theatre arts organization/not-for-profit organization including: artistic vision/season selection of productions and events, managing budgets, fundraising, overseeing staff and working with a Board of Directors. Excellent written and oral communication skills. Strong computer skills, including functional knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet applications. B.A. in Arts Administration or M.A. in Theatre required, M.A. in Arts Administration or M.F.A. in theatre a plus, or comparable undergraduate or graduate degree.

SALARY: Starting salary range dependent on experience.

Job Type: Full-time

Experience: management/artistic leadership: 5 years (Required)

Education: Bachelor's (Required)

Benefits offered:

  • Paid time off
  • Parental leave
  • Flexible schedules

This job will require you to pass a background check.

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