Artistic Director, New Repertory Theatre

Watertown, MA

New Repertory Theatre (“New Rep”), a Boston professional mid-size theatre, has initiated a search for a new Artistic Director.  It is the Search Committee’s intent to identify the successful candidate in very early 2019 to allow time for planning of the 2019-2020 season.

Qualifications and Qualities

The Search Committee is focused on identifying candidates whose talents as an artistic leader have been in evidence and nationally recognized over a significant period of time. The Committee is seeking someone whose artistic vision is complemented by demonstrated ability to build and sustain an institution.

Candidates must demonstrate:

A history of artistic achievement and an inspiring creative vision;

The ability to produce and/or direct exciting, vibrant theatrical experiences;

A dynamic public presence that will inspire the board, staff and patrons to support the theater’s artistic and organizational vision;

The desire and ability to participate in fundraising activities on behalf of the theater and to build relationships with many external constituencies on behalf of New Rep’s organization’s interests;

A commitment to balance artistic initiatives and risks with responsible fiscal management.

The ability to blend artistic innovation and compelling storytelling to create seasons that will retain current and attract new audiences;

The ability to form a collaborative partnership with the Managing Director to provide the theater with clear direction and strong leadership; and,

The experience and desire to build, mentor, and lead the staff through an open and collaborative management style.

The Board is seeking candidates with vision, passion, and commitment. The successful candidate must embrace the opportunity to share his/her vision with the community and be an effective representative of both the art of theater and, most particularly, New Repertory Theatre.

The committee will consider applicants who are stage directors, producers, and/or artist/producers; demonstrated accomplishment in leading an organization will be a strong plus. Candidates must be capable and committed to developing a constructive partnership with the Board, Managing Director, and staff to plan and budget seasons that balance artistic and educational programming with available resources.  Finally, the successful candidate must exhibit an ability to assume a visible leadership position throughout greater Boston.

The committee will look for evidence of professional relationships with a broad and diverse network of significant theater artists and the ability to bring that talent to serve the theater’s goals. The candidate must exhibit the ability to fully understand the theater and its relationship to the community and to develop strategies for sustaining and building its audiences and community relationships. The successful candidate will look forward to becoming a full-time resident and an active participant in the community.


Compensation will be commensurate with the leadership role that this position represents for the theater and the community. The range of benefits includes medical and dental insurance, paid vacation and sick leave.

For more information and to apply, visit 


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