Molly FitzMaurice Receives the 2015 Dramaturg Driven Grant

The Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA) is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2015 Dramaturg Driven Grant: Molly FitzMaurice.  This round of grants saw eight applications and the selection process was overseen by LMDA’s Vice-President of Programs, Stephen Colella, along with committee members David Copelin, Roxanne Ray and Sarah Stanley.

Molly will be working on The Mutiny: Every Time I’ve Ever Gotten Paid (or Not), a Theater Transparency Project. The Mutiny will be a large scale survey to collect data from theater practitioners on how and how much we are compensated for our work in theater. All data collected through the survey will be made anonymous and freely available on the website. Collection through an open survey mobilizes us as a community, to reflect on our own experience and transmute that experience into a resource for our peers. Through transparency, this project mutinizes against the aggrandized starving artist narrative, against unjust wage disparities, and against current information and power imbalances. Open access to community-sourced compensation data is not one more think piece on our industry’s failures, but a practical tool to galvanize the national conversation and map our personal and collective futures with confidence.

For more information about any of these projects or about the Dramaturg Driven Grants, contact LMDA's Vice President of Programs Stephen Colella or Administrative Director Danielle Carroll.


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