Donate unused reward points and airline miles to LMDA!

It’s easy to use your reward points to support LMDA!If you get rewards from airlines, credit cards, and more, you can often trade your points for Amazon credit.  On Amazon, LMDA now has a public wishlist called “LMDA WISHLIST.” At any time you can use reward points to purchase items, and they will be delivered directly to LMDA. For year round donations see below. However, also...For A Limited Time: November 30-December 20, 2021United Airlines has included LMDA in their end-of-year Mileage Plus Member Donation Drive! If we collect 250,000 or more mileage plus member point donations then we get to keep all of the donations which we have acquired. We will use them to help economically disadvantaged members get to the Conference. Please donate. Ask friends, family, and colleagues to donate. This will really help bolster our travel scholarships! If we do not reach at least 250,000 then we do not get any points (they are returned to the donors). Donation Link: round, Amazon accepts Reward Points as payment from the rewards programs of:  Hilton Honors, HSBC Bank, Capital One, Amazon Visa, Amazon Store Card, AmEx, Citi, Chase, and Discover Cards. To use your Reward points to shop from LMDA’s Wish List on Amazon:

  • Go to the Amazon website
  • Click on Your Account
  • Scroll down to Shopping Programs
  • Click Shop with Points

It will allow you to connect your Rewards program with your Amazon account. Then simply shop from the LMDA Wish List. When you’re done shopping, go to your cart, and pay with your rewards points.If you use Amazon for other purchases, please consider adding LMDA as your “Amazon Smile” nonprofit to receive rewards from your own shopping.

  • Go to: (you might have to log out of your account, then go to, because sometimes it won’t let you connect the Smile program if you are already logged in)
  • Scroll down and click Get Started
  • Sign in to your Account
  • Go to Accounts and Lists
  • Scroll down to Amazon Smile
  • Add Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas as your preferred charity
  • Then every time you shop on your device, do it through the link. If you do not order through the specific Smile link then your purchases won’t count towards LMDA. If you purchase items on the Amazon app, make sure that you click the Menu (the three lines) at the bottom of the app, then click Settings, then click Turn on Amazon Smile. That way, app purchases will also count towards LMDA.

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