Local Conference Coordinator, LMDA (temporary, part-time, paid)

Chicago, IL

Date posted: July 25, 2018

 Part-time/Sept. 2018–June 2019 | [~$2,000*]

Chicago, IL is a city of contradictions: one of the most segregated places in the U.S., yet a proud
sanctuary city; a site of wealth and privilege juxtaposed with poverty and disinvestment; and a
symbol of the greatest community cohesion and some of the worst systemic injustices of the

With these thoughts in mind about our chosen site for the 2019 conference, we want to explore
how we, as dramaturgs, instigate positive action in a time of division. How might we facilitate
necessary conversations, promote inclusion on our stages, shape programming to speak to the
issues of the day, cultivate new audiences and foster new artists, and spur political engagement
and even direct political acts?

To further this dramaturgical dive, we seek to understand how borders as physical and social
constructs impact the way theatres solicit, produce, and commodify art and artists; and how and
when dramaturgs choose to reinforce or disrupt borders. To this end, Crossing Borders Pt.2 will
welcome panels, roundtables, and other dynamic conversations about what constitutes “action”
for positive social change in a time of crisis, and which define how we build pathways to
collaboration across imagined and real borders – including, but not limited to, the ones found in
our host communities in Chicago.

Each year, LMDA convenes an international conference to discuss and investigate the current
issues facing the practice. In the months leading up to the event, LMDA contracts a Local
Coordinator to: (1) support the production of the conference in collaboration with our Executive
VP for Conferences and conference committees; and (2) to serve as an overall logistics captain
reporting directly to the Local Chair. The Local Coordinator:
● Executes all partnership/site contracts initiated by Local Chair
● Contracts/confirms all conference presenters
● Manages accommodation and travel for out of town presenters
● Recruits and manages volunteers
● Oversees site planning and venue liaisons
● Manages on-site accessibility needs
● Supports Local Chair in managing hotel bookings, room release
● Identifies on-site supply needs and procures supplies within budget
● Works closely with Admin Director to ensure budget is controlled

Applicants should send a resume and cover letter outlining how they meet the specific
requirements of the position to conference@lmda.org by August 8, 2018. Successful candidates
will be contacted by email to arrange a virtual follow-up interview.

*funding dependent



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