You're Invited to ReOrient 2017 Fest: Dramaturgy Panel & LMDA Night at ReOrient!

Join us at Golden Thread Productions in San Francisco for a roundtable conversation on Dramaturgy and Middle Eastern American Theatre, followed by LMDA Night at ReOrient, 8pm performance! (Tickets: )  Sat, Dec 2, 4-6pm | Potrero Stage (1695 18th Street, San Francisco). Dramaturgs ReOrient: Contextualizing the Middle East for American Audiences.  What is it like to stage a Middle Eastern story in today’s climate? How do dramaturgs provide truthful context, provoke meaningful conversation, help collaborators make choices with integrity, and ensure cultural competency? Can dramaturgy affect the way we perceive and communicate about the Middle East? Does dramaturgy change our perspectives? Meet Bay Area dramaturgs, directors, and ReOrient artists who take us behind-the-scenes of their processes to share and discuss personal experiences with Middle Eastern playwrights and plays, both inside and beyond the first-time partnership between Golden Thread and LMDA. Master dramaturg and director Jayne Wenger will lead us in a roundtable discussion that helps us forge ahead toward the growth and prosperity of Middle Eastern American theatre. (Presented in association with LMDA). Chair: Nakissa Etemad | Moderator: Jayne Wenger. Panelists: Maddie Gaw and Vidhu Singh. Free and open to the public | RSVP Now 

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