LMDA has many programs in place to encourage and promote Early Career Dramaturgs. Among these are travel grants, mentor matches, and special events. In addition, LMDA also publishes lists of internships and degree programs and guidelines for internships and employment. The Early Career group specifically serves students, interns, and dramaturgs in their first few years in the field.



ECD Programs

The Early Career Dramaturgs are now on Facebook! If you're an ECDer, or an ECD lover, come join the group and join in the conversation that is specifically oriented towards early career dramaturgs.

Just search: Early Career Dramaturgs/LMDA


LMDA is proud to announce the 12th annual offering of travel grants to Early Career Dramaturgs for this summer’s conference.

Criteria for selection of an Early Career/Student Dramaturg:

·        Applicant is no more than 2 years out of either a graduate or undergraduate program.

·        Applicant is not an employee of a professional theater organization (interns are welcome to apply).

·        Applicant would unlikely be able to attend the LMDA conference without this assistance.

·        Applicant is an LMDA member.

Applicants should answer the following questions:

1.      How will attendance at the 2018 conference benefit you at this stage in your career: what do you hope to learn, gain, or come away from the conference with?

2.      What questions, ideas about the field do you have that you would like to introduce, share, or have answered from connections made at the conference?

3.      Why do you see yourself well-suited for this conference in particular? More information about the conference is available here.

4.       What do you feel you can contribute to the group, as well as what you hope to learn?

Please also let us know where you will be traveling from to get to Berkeley. 

Submissions must be received by Wednesday, March 14. Grantees will be notified by mid April.  Please send them to charleshaugland@gmail.com

The money for this initiative is raised through efforts of the ECDs and LMDA through the annual Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Memorial Birthday Bake Sale and generous donations.  We are always happy to accept more donations to fund a larger number of recipients. Contributions to this fund or other ECD and LMDA initiatives can be made online or sent to LMDA, P.O Box 604074, Bayside, NY 11360.


The Dramaturgy Focus Group for the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) sponsors a competitive DEBUT PANEL to showcase outstanding and innovative work by emerging dramaturgs in educational and professional theatre. If you are a graduate student, intern, or new professional dramaturg and have provided dramaturgy for a production or event during the past three years, you are eligible to apply. This panel is adjudicated by both academic and professional theatre dramaturgs in the Americas. Panelists selected will present overviews of their dramaturgical work at ATHE's annual conference.

A complete prospectus should include the following: 1) Overview of the production/collaboration, including work produced, location, dates, producing organization, production staff 2) 3-6 page exploration of the scope, focus, significance, and distinctive aspects of your dramaturgy 3) Supporting materials, e.g., production program, photos, slides, CD/DVD, web link, blog link. Your prospectus should be accompanied by one or more letters of support from an artistic director, stage director, literary manager, supervising faculty member, or other theatre professional involved in process. Letters should address the level, quality, and significance of your dramaturgy.

Prospectus materials, including digital photos, may be sent via email to Dr. Cynthia M. SoRelle, Debut Panel Coordinator.

LMDA is pleased to sponsor regular conversations on Twitter and Facebook that focus on the questions, topics and concerns facing our early career dramaturgs.  You can join the conversation by following #ECDramaturg and checking the ECD Facebook page.

Conversation times and topics are announced on the ECD Facebook page.

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The Mentor-for-a-Day program matches early career dramaturgs with professionals (and each other!) for a one-time chat of about an hour. The "chat" could be by email, phone, or in person -- whatever works best. Although there is no guarantee, sometimes these conversations continue past the one-time chat and flower into more enduring mentorships.

We have created a sign-up form for BOTH those looking for mentors and those looking to serve as a mentor to others. To make your match, please fill out this survey no later than Wednesday August 12, 2015.

For mentors, this is a great opportunity not only to talk about how you got your gig at a regional theater or university or wherever your cool job is, but also to get a sense of the amazing up-and-comers' thoughts and training. As ever, we'd love to expand our definition of mentor: Are you a recent grad willing to mentor current students? A current grad student willing to talk to people looking for grad schools? Freelancers, what should we know about your city? Are you having success applying dramaturgical skills in an arena other than theater? Especially those of you in MFA programs or recent grads – questions about grad school are always among the most popular.


NOTE: Please note that this opportunity is open to LMDA members only. To join LMDA, please go here.


On January 22, 1729, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing – the world’s first dramaturg -- was born. Every year, to celebrate his birthday, LMDA holds a big fundraiser to fund our annual travel grants to help early career dramaturgs attend the LMDA international conference.


Interested in helping? There are a couple of ways to do so:

- The Lessing Memorial Bake Sale

Raise money in your local community through a bake sale or other event (People have sold crafts, other homemade food items like hot fudge, and we’re always open to new ideas). A bake sale can sound small – but the combined fundraising power is huge! Dramaturgs have usually been able to raise anywhere from $50 to $125 a piece through one-day sales at their theatres, schools, or workplaces. This is a great way to support the organization with little to no out-of-pocket cost. Megan Monaghan Rivas' students at CMU held a really successful bake sale last year that raised over $100

Let me know if you want to hold an event in your area. I've attached a poster template, and will add files to the group that include an e-blast template and a sheet with some tips and tricks that we created with dramaturg/bake sale genius Molly FitzMaurice

- The 32 for 32 campaign

Many people have asked in the past “Can I just give money if I don’t want to bake?” Of course you can! Two years ago, Brian Quirt started the $30 for 30 campaign to celebrate LMDA’s 30th anniversary -- and this year we're suggesting donations of either $32 for LMDA's 32 years or $16 if that fits your budget better -- every gift is meaningful. We encourage you to make a gift to the organization in honor of a mentor who shaped your career as a dramaturg.


If you have further questions, or are interesting in participating, e-mail VP Activities Charles Haugland at programs@lmda.org.


2018 recipients

Sierra Carlson
Teresa Kilzi
Charissa Hurt

2017 recipients

Vivian Chace

Andrea Kovich


2016 recipients

Jolene Noelle

Gabriella Steinberg

Fly Steffens


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