Welcome Our New Executive Committee!!

Join us in welcoming our2022-2024 LMDA Executive Committee!President, Lynde Rosario: sets the agenda for the organization; nominates and supports the work of the LMDA Executive; provides vision for the organization, its programming,  and conferences; and represents LMDA to other organizations.  Past President, Bryan Moore: provides leadership continuity and institutional knowledge, and undertakes specific past president projects to be determined  at the beginning of term.  President-Elect, TBD 2023: shadows the President and formulates a new two-year plan and Executive slate.  President, LMDA Canada, Matt McGeachy: represents the organizational interests of the Canadian membership on the Executive. [Elected by the LMDA Canada membership.] President-Elect LMDA Canada 2023: TBD  Administrative Director, Lindsey Barr: manages the administrative elements of the organization,  including membership renewal, accounts receivable and payable, inquiries, meeting  agendas and minutes, coordinate voting, and craft/disseminate press releases. [Paid position appointed by the Executive Committee for renewable one-year terms.]  Treasurer, Tanya Palmer: supervises the annual budget, collection of dues, cash  reserves, and the processing and administering of grants; coordinates fundraising efforts  and grant writing. VP Advocacy, Karen Jean Martinson: oversees the revision and dissemination of the Employment Guidelines and Sample Contracts, coordinates activities that protect and promote the work of members and the profession. Committee members: Elliot Folds, Shelley Graham, Liana Irvine, and  Dan Smith  VPs Anti-Oppression, Martine Kei Green Rogers, Russ Dembin, and Emma Bilderback: collaborates with LMDA leadership to build and strengthen LMDA’s diversity programs and policies. Work with the VPs for  Advocacy, Membership and Communications to build on LMDA’s efforts to actively recruit & retain a diverse membership and to identify opportunities and partnerships that deepen LMDA’s engagement with issues of environment and sustainability. Committee members: all participants on the LMDA Anti-Racism Task Force VP Communications & Marketing, Jacqueline Goldfinger: coordinates the website, newsletter, and internal and external communications.  Committee members: Rudy Ramirez, Lexi Silva, Annalise Cain, Jonathan Norton, Catherine Ballachey, Chris Mills, David Omar Davila, Sally Ollove, and Jordan Schwartz VPs Freelance Dramaturgs, Finn Lefevre and Natasha Hawkins: represents freelance dramaturgs, brainstorms programming specific to freelance dramaturgs, coordinates with  the VP of Programs, VP of University Relations, and VP of Institutional Dramaturgs for the  creation of programming specific to, or that includes, the needs of freelance dramaturgs.  Committee members: Joanna Garfinkel VP Grants & Awards, Roxanne Ray: coordinates the promotion,  evaluation of applications, and selection of winners for LMDA’s grants and awards. VP Institutional Dramaturgs, Deanie Vallone: represents institutional dramaturgs, brainstorms programming specific to institutional dramaturgs, coordinates with the VP  Programs, VP University Relations, and VP for Freelance Dramaturgs for the creation of  programming specific to, or that includes, the needs of institutional dramaturgs. Committee members: Heather Helinsky VP Membership, Heather Helinsky and Evan Medd: works to recruit and retain  members from a wide range of dramaturgical fields, backgrounds, and career stages. VP Mexico, Brenda Muñoz: represents the organizational interests of the Mexican membership on the Executive. Committee members: Lourdes Guzmán González, Martha Herrera-Lasso, Erendira Santiago, and Kathia Flores VP Programs, Jessica Kahkoska and Linnea Valdivia: identifies and meets the needs of the LMDA  constituencies – e.g., freelancers, institutional dramaturgs and literary managers, early career dramaturgs, etc. – with tailored programming.  VPs Publications, Elizabeth Coen and  Kristin Leahey: recruits and supports the editors of the LMDA Review. Associate Editors: Allison Backus and Diego Villada  VP Regional Activity, Liana Irvine: coordinates the activities of the LMDA regions and reporting of the Regional Representatives. Committee members: all Regional VPs of the 18 regions (16 U.S., Canada, and Mexico) that make up LMDA VP University Relations, Jane Barnette: represents professors and students in universities and colleges, coordinates the activities of the U Caucus at the annual conference. Committee members: Amanda Dawson and Jenny Sledge Conference Coordinator (selected for each annual conference) Brian Quirt, Banff 2023: Develops  programming, supervises local planning, and reports updates to and attends meetings  with the President and Executive Board.  Associate Coordinator, Jenna Rodgers: Reports to Conference Coordinator, Becomes the Head of  the Local Committees (programming committee of 4-6 people, conference committee  of on-site volunteers) 

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