LMDA announces March 6, 2017 panel discussion Reviewing the Situation: Producing Theater and Cultural Awareness

The Castillo Theatre at the All Stars Project

543 W 42nd St NY, NY



doors open at 6:15pm, no reservations required


In the wake of the recent debate around Big River, Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA) is convening a panel of some of the theater industry’s premier thinkers and art makers to discuss the roles and responsibilities of producers, artists, and critics in the portrayal of underrepresented experiences on stage.


Do artists and producers have a public responsibility in choosing what stories to tell and how and when to tell them? How do critics and their editors wrestle with a project's historical context, current impact, and personal responses to it? Are there standards audiences should expect producers and critics to follow in evaluating a piece of theater for public consumption? How can rigorous discussions about the portrayal of underrepresented stories/experiences/communities/voices on stage make a positive cultural impact?


Says LMDA President Ken Cerniglia: “Our organization is in a unique position to bring the theater community together around this topic. Dramaturgs share a deep interest in cultivating dialogue and exploring topics within cultural and historical context. LMDA's membership includes professionals who work as artists, producers, journalists, and administrators – all of whom have a stake in conversations about representation and meaning. I am hopeful we can move beyond the specifics of recent controversies toward a dialogue that pushes our community and culture forward.”


Co-moderated by:

Disney Theatrical dramaturg and literary manager Ken Cerniglia

American Theatre associate editor Diep Tran


Panelists include:

Public Theater literary manager Jesse Cameron Alick

New York Times theater critic Laura Collins-Hughes

Tony-nominated performer Michael McElroy

The Interval editor-in-chief Victoria Myers

Playwright A. Rey Pamatmat

Director of Arts Integrity Initiative at the New School for Drama Howard Sherman


The event will be livestreamed on HowlRound.


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