2023 Conference Announcement

LMDA announced at the conclusion of the 2022 Philadelphia conference that our 2023 conference will return to Canada and take place June 22-25 in Banff, Alberta. The conference theme is ‘Dramaturgical Landscapes’, exploring land / sky / water through dramaturgical practices.2023 Conference Co-Chairs Brian Quirt and Jenna Rodgers made the announcement:"We are thrilled to invite LMDA – all three LMDAs, Canada, US, and Mexico – back to Treaty 7 territory in the mountains west of Moh'kins'tsis – Calgary – for three days at Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity.This will be the 8th Canadian conference, and the second in Banff following our 25th anniversary gathering there in 2010.The conference will be hosted by LMDA Canada and the Banff Playwrights Lab, which is marking its 50th edition in 2023…50 years of bringing playwrights, dramaturgs, theatre makers, performers and artists in all disciplines together to explore theatrical storytelling, in a place that has for generations, millennia, been a gathering place for storytellers.Banff Centre and the Playwrights Lab are focused on Canadian artists but invite, welcome and invest deeply in international artists and organizations. Located on the shoulder of Sacred Buffalo Guardian Mountain, in the territory of the Stoney Nakoda, Blackfoot and Tsuut’ina Nations, Metis Nation of Alberta Region 3, the Banff Centre sits on a 40 acre campus on the edge of the town of Banff, and at the heart of Canada’s first National Park. The conference will take place on - and be inspired by - this magnificent and inspiring landscape.In 2023, the Playwrights Lab will be inviting artists to explore Land (Sky / Sea), and we’re continuing that exploration into the conference theme of Dramaturgical Landscapes, exploring land / sky / water through dramaturgical practices.Programming and activities will focus on the land, feature case studies by artists from Canada, Mexico and the US, and invite us all into a retreat-style gathering with most sessions for the entire conference cohort. Banff specializes in bringing people together, and by taking our meals as a group, extended breaks, opportunities for walks and hikes, we will provide lots of time for participants to meet one another to explore dramaturgical landscapes that are familiar and new. We look forward to collaborating with LMDA Canada President Matt McGeachy; LMDA President Lynde Rosario, Board Co-Chair Anne Morgan, and Calgary-based Conference Coordinator Kodie Rollan. We were able to welcome everyone to Banff for a few days this past April to begin the planning process.We want to send huge thanks to Banff Centre for its substantial in-kind contributions to the conference. Banff, together with the Stratford Festival of Canada, are the core sponsors of the 2023 conference. Their contributions are significant and essential. Thank you!A number of other Canadian companies are also sponsoring the conference, in memory of the remarkable dramaturg Iris Turcott, who is best known for her work with Toronto theatres. She also served on the LMDA Board, and as a dramaturg for many seasons at the Playwrights Lab. Thank you to Factory Theatre, Canadian Stage Company, Artistic Fraud, and Nightswimming for your contributions in her name.See you in the mountains next summer for #lmda2023 !"

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