Call for Submissions: LMDA University Caucus SourceBook, Volume 5


LMDA University Caucus SourceBook, Volume 5 

LMDA plans to publish the fifth volume of its online dramaturgy SourceBook, its first volume since 2011. The SourceBook compiles resources by fellow dramaturgy colleagues to assist the education and practice of dramaturgy in academic and production settings. 

The editors of the SourceBook seek contributions of materials to share with colleagues through this important dramaturgical resource. These materials may be submitted in any format, including syllabi, lesson plans, bibliographies, class and rehearsal assignments, activities/projects, manifestos, articles, personal stories/experiences, and others. The SourceBook will be organized by topic area and/or format of material, based on the submissions received. 

Any and all topics will be considered at this time; possible topic/resource areas include (but are not limited to): 

--Technology in dramaturgy 
--Teaching dramatugy in non-dramaturgy-based courses (Playwriting, Theatre History, Directing, Script Analysis, etc.) 
--Dramaturgy for younger (undergrad and HS) students 
--Using dramaturgy in collaborative workshop settings 
--Installation Dramaturgy 
--Dramaturgy of Cross- and Multicultural Literature 
--Dramaturg “War Stories”: Tales and Lessons from the Academic and Production Battlefields 

For further suggestions or examples, previous volumes of the Dramaturgy SourceBook are available to LMDA members on the LMDA website. The new volume will preferably introduce new topics as well as update previous resources. 

Submissions may be shared in roundtable and breakout sessions at next summer's ATHE and LMDA conferences, with the approval of the contributor. Other attendees of these conferences may also bring and share their submissions at these designated sessions. 

Submissions will be collected through January 31, 2017, as we target to publish the new volume by summer 2017. Please plan to contribute as early and often as desired. 

Please submit your materials to Bryan Moore at <>. 

For further information, please contact one of the editors: 
Bryan Moore, 
Kathleen Jeffs <>, or 
Roxanne Ray <>. 

Thank you for your time and consideration, 

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