LMDA Conference Scholars Announced!

LMDA has announced their 2022 Conference Scholarships which are awarded to dramaturgs who are working to advance the field of dramaturgy as well as supporting the advancements of other artists in the performing arts. "As someone early in my dramaturgy career, attending the LMDA conference was particularly useful for meeting new colleagues and potential mentors as I forge my professional identity and investigate what really interests me in my field. Without the ECD Travel Grant from the LMDA, I would have missed out on a valuable opportunity to create the time and space to discuss my present interests and long-term career as a dramaturg with a group of invested and supportive collaborators." -Jolenne Noelle, Former Scholar 2022 LMDA CONFERENCE SCHOLARS: Alissa Klusky, Olney Theatre Center; Emma Bilderback, Universitiet van Amsterdam; Gabrielle Lawlor, University of Central Florida; Jack Truman, Minnesota State University; L. Nicol Cabe, Flinders University; Laura Kressly, The Play's the Thing UK; Lydia Cochran, Milwaukee Rep; Margo Skornia, University of Iowa; Maxwell Plata, Arizona State University; Mitchell Nease, Pig Iron School; Rob Silverman Ascher, University of Iowa; Sally Ollove, The Bearded Ladies Cabaret; Sara Ziglar, Red Clay Dance Company; Shawn Sprankle, Freelance; Sloan Elle Garner, Villanova University; Wenke (Coco) Huang, Northwestern University. For over 20 years, LMDA has been at the forefront of creating connections, building bridges, and supporting the rigorous exchange of ideas across the performing arts in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. While LMDA was originally an organization for literary managers and dramaturgs, it has bloomed into an in-person and virtual platform which supports all dramaturgically-minded performing artists and administrators - no matter how they identify in terms of artistic labels or where they live.

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