LMDA's 2023 Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals: Digital Conference (Feb 2023) & Dramaturgical Landscapes: Banff, Canada (June 2023)!After three years of learning how to do both in-person and digital conferences at the same time, LMDA is going to hold a Digital Conference in February after Lessing Week, and then an In-Person Conference at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in June. In addition to the LMDA Digital Conference, in 2023 LMDA's in-person conference will return to Canada from June 22-25 in Banff, Alberta. Hosted by LMDA Canada and the Banff Playwrights Lab, the conference theme is "Dramaturgical Landscapes", and seeks to explore land/sky/water through dramaturgical practices. Programming and activities will focus on the land; feature case studies by artists from Canada, Mexico, and the US; and invite us all to a retreat style gathering. Our Call for Proposals is currently open until October 31st, and we want to encourage Canadian members to apply! We are requesting proposals related to the conference theme of "Dramaturgical Landscapes", but proposals on all topics will be welcomed and considered. Our conference committee is also welcoming proposals for digital content that may be released for the Digital Conference, as well as things that may be suitable for other LMDA-hosted platforms. Please feel free to share widely!

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